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Michael’s Story

All my life I have had a desire to make a difference to people lives. In my 30’s I had terminal cancer and a profound healing which led me into the world of mind body medicine, psychology and personal development.

I combined this with my years of McKinsey business change experience to develop a unique integrated approach to organizational change.  Working  with the understanding that Organisations don’t change people do, I spent years bringing together the best in personal change, leadership development and neuroscience with the external levers of change like HR systems, and large scale communications to create some of the worlds most celebrated  organizational transformations.

This led me to work globally on over a hundred big company change programs in over thirty countries in my 33 years McKinsey career.  I led McKinsey’s global practice in organisation change and leadership for many years (which is recognized as the worlds leading practice with over 3000 people globally in over 64 countries doing organization work at any time.) I designed and led the key global leadership programs for the firms senior partners and served on the global Board of the firm of 20,000 people.

Leadership at Scale

Traditional approaches to leadership development focus on a small number of individuals at the top. However, in today’s world of constant change and decentralized decision-making, organizations need effective leaders at all levels of their organizations. That requires a much broader and deeper pool of leadership talent, and most organizations fall far short of what they need.

Leadership at Scale defines a new approach. In it, top experts at McKinsey, the world’s number one leadership factory, expose the secrets of how to drive leadership development that reaches the entire organization, adapts to diverse contexts and achieves impact at scale. Grounded in extensive research and the global experience of +25 leadership experts and illustrated with a fictional step-by-step case with numerous real-life examples, this book provides leaders with the systematic and fact-based approach they need to unlock organizational performance through leadership effectiveness.

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